Blindspots is a non-profit association that was founded out of an initiative of the art and culture scene in Berlin and Leipzig. We offer direct support to people in areas of humanitarian and political crises and document discrimination and systematic violence in order to draw attention to human rights violations and to generate political pressure.


With our work at the EU’s external borders, we want to improve people’s living conditions, support them in covering their basic needs and increase their security and autonomy.

For this we look for individual, needs-oriented solutions, from which short-term and constant projects have emerged.

We are in direct contact with the people affected, work closely with local and international organizations and strive to involve the local population in our projects.


Through public outreach we want to draw attention to those places of humanitarian and political crises. We regularly report on the situation in the areas where we are active and track current developments on our blog and on our social media channels. We actively contribute to political education with workshops, lectures and speeches in Germany.


For us, solidarity does not end at national borders!

We stand for the principle that every person – regardless of gender, origin, social status, race or religion – has the right to enjoy humane living conditions, adequate medical care and access to asylum.

We demand an immediate end to the oppression and abuse of people on the move! We demand freedom of movement for everyone, safe passages from war zones and for all persecuted people, and an immediate end to all forms of violence and injustice directly or indirectly done by the EU border regime.


Building awareness

A foundational element of our work is networking and story-telling. We aim our gaze at the “blind spots” that are left from the popular conversation in European society. Through bringing these topics to attention, we want to expand the conversation and share the experiences of the of people we meet. Additionally, we want to provide people who want to help with the platform and means to get more involved.

In our BLOG we report regularly about actions, travels and the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A project of Ost & Found E.V.

As a group of friends from different backgrounds, our association was founded in the east of Leipzig with the following goals – to help shape the society in which we live and work, to influence it positively with our actions and to actively tackle existing grievances. For this purpose we want to offer socio-cultural actions and spaces.