We are a non-profit and volunteer-run initiative made up of creatives from Berlin and Leipzig that came together to fight existing inequalities that have been sharpened through the Covid-19 pandemic. As active members in numerous collectives and cultural spaces, we have access to a broad network which we seek to mobilize toward the redistribution of resources to people in need and places that are being overlooked by the mainstream.

Current systems of power are based on the systematic rejection of basic human principles and it is therefor up to individual initiatives to take up responsibility for the needs of others. Solidarity is needed now more than ever, and our individual well-being cannot exist without the well-being of the collective.


Blindspots works together with local support structures and organizations in places of humanitarian crisis . Through ongoing exchange with people on the ground, we formulate relevant projects and collaborative methods of contribution. In this way we are able to lend assistance quickly and remain flexible to the ever-changing situation with the people and groups we are working with.


The monetary donations we collect are sent directly to places where there is the strongest need. We also collect need-based donations of supplies and organize their transport to refugee routes. Our work is currently focused on Bosnia and Herzegovina and Beirut.


Looking forward, we plan to grow our ability to respond to new humanitarian crisis as they develop. These journeys will also serve to document the local condition and share the stories of people on the move, as well as those that have built up support structures. In collaboration with our partner organizations on the ground and many others in Europe we are fighting for borderless solidarity.

our motives

take responsibility

The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, more strongly than ever, the shared responsibility we all carry for the well-being of one another. In today’s complex and ever-changing world, we believe it is important to practice collective awareness. Solidarity should not end at tangible relationships with friends, relatives nor neighbors. The capacity to care for those around us should be universally human.

We believe that every human being – regardless of gender, origin, status or religion – has a inalienable and equal right to humane living conditions and medical care.


Solidarity does not end at borders!

Building awareness

A foundational element of our work is networking and story-telling. We aim our gaze at the “blind spots” that are left from the popular conversation in European society. Through bringing these topics to attention, we want to expand the conversation and share the experiences of the of people we meet. Additionally, we want to provide people who want to help with the platform and means to get more involved.

In our BLOG we report regularly about actions, travels and the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A project of Ost & Found E.V.

As a group of friends from different backgrounds, our association was founded in the east of Leipzig with the following goals – to help shape the society in which we live and work, to influence it positively with our actions and to actively tackle existing grievances. For this purpose we want to offer socio-cultural actions and spaces.