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With your donation, you are making a significant contribution to improving the living conditions of people on the move at the EU’s external borders, supporting them in meeting their basic needs and increasing their security and autonomy.


We demand freedom of movement for all, safe escape routes from war zones and for persecuted people, and an immediate end to all forms of violence and injustice by the EU border regime.


Your donation helps us to implement long-term projects on the ground and to draw attention to the humanitarian and political injustices.

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IBAN: DE26 4306 0967 1245 7180 00
Credit institution: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
Account holder: Blindspots e.V.
Intended purpose: BLINDSPOTS





What you can make possible with your donation:


10,00 €
For equipping a squat with firewood for four nights (Bosnia) or a 50km drive to villages near the frontline where relief supplies are distributed (Ukraine)


25,00 €
For the production of a mobile stove to protect against freezing (Bosnia) or five food parcels (Ukraine)


40,00 €
For the construction and installation of a toilet (Bosnia) or the evacuation of up to 20 people (Ukraine)


100,00 €
For the installation of a fume hood oven as well as the insulation of a squat (Bosnia) or the round trip with relief goods and food to liberated villages near Odessa (Ukraine)


Information about donation receipts:

For those who would like to receive a donation receipt, please include your address & email in the ‘reason for transfer’ (also for Paypal donations).

For donations up to 300€ this simplified donation receipt is sufficient.


Just print it out and submit it with your bank statement to the tax office.

The non-profit status of “Blindspots e.V.” was recognized by the tax office Leipzig I from 02.11.2021.

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Information on donation receipts


If you would like to receive a donation receipt for your donation, please state your address and e-mail address in the reason for transfer (also for Paypal donations).


For donations up to 200 € this “simplified donation receipt” is sufficient.


You only have to print it out and submit it to the tax office together with your bank statement.


The non-profit status of “Ost & Found e.V.” was recognised with the notice of exemption from the Leipzig II tax office dated 10.09.2020.