Warm places not warm phrases


Winter: Life-threatening temperatures for people on the move

People who have had to leave the protection of their homes to find safety in other places are particularly vulnerable to the coming winter cold. In temporary shelters such as empty houses and factory buildings, sub-zero temperatures are cruel. There is a threat of disease and death from the cold. Both on the Balkan route and in Ukraine, winter is life-threatening for people on the move.


Installation of stoves & distribution of firewood

In Bosnia and Serbia, Blindspots installs stoves and distributes dry firewood, allowing temporary shelters on the Balkan route to be heated to temperatures necessary for survival and enabling people to cook hot meals.


Construction work in temporary shelters

Blindspots also installs doors and windows in temporary shelters, insulating the rooms from the cold, as well as providing a minimum of privacy.


Construction of shelters

In Ukraine, Blindspots supports the construction of shelters, which provides warm sleeping facilities, air raid shelters and communal kitchens for internally displaced people.


Evacuation and supply buses

In addition, Blindspots supports the renovation and operation of evacuation and supply buses. The buses transport internally displaced people and deliver stoves, firewood, and sleeping bags to liberated villages in Ukraine.


Warmth despite the crisis

The energy crisis affects everyone, but does not affect everyone equally! Energy prices have risen dramatically on the Balkan route and in Ukraine. The racist EU isolationist and imperial war policies mean that people have to endure days, weeks and months in inhumane accommodation and could freeze to death. With projects on the Balkan route and in Ukraine, we want to show solidarity with all refugees – regardless of gender, origin, social status, religion and reason for fleeing!


For this we need your financial support!
Donate now for stoves, firewood, shelters and supply buses!

  • With 10 Euros we can supply wood for 4 days. 

  • With 20 Euros we can supply wood for 8 days. 

  • With 50 Euros we can install a stove.

  • With 100 Euros we can install a stove and supply wood for 14 days. 


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