Cold Trap Bosnia – Thanks For Your Support

Dear supporters,

With your help we have successfully implemented the wood & stove program “Cold Trap Bosnia” in the last months. Only through your donations and your support we were able to:

  • Support 800 People on the Move throughout the winter,
  • build 100 mobile stoves & install 40 exhaust stoves,
  • distribute more than 100 tons of firewood daily in 60 squats.

Together with our partners we were able to build a sustainable support structure:

  • Thank you to all local supporters – NGOs like SOS Balkanroute, No Name Kitchen, Rahma, and MVI as well as individuals who have supported us tirelessly and without whose commitment the work on the ground would not be possible.
  • Thank you to A. for stepping up for us every day, delivering wood every night, making sure our team was fed and had places to sleep.
  • Thank you to #Leavenoonebehind (Seebrücke), Wir packen’s an & Balkanbrücke for supporting us and using their channels to bring our project to the public.
  • Thank you to IFZ, Tipi, Ostapotheke, Holzmarkt, Rummels Bucht and Melancholie II for helping us collect donations in kind in October and November 2020.
  • Thank you to Ostend for all support and allowing us to use their warehouse for in-kind donation logistics.
  • Thanks to all the crews and festival collectives who supported us.
  • Thank you to Sea Watch and other initiatives & NGOs who mentored and advised us and supported us with their experience and knowledge.
  • Thank you to everyone who shared our calls.

Where we go from here

The cold is slowly coming to an end, however a new blind spot has developed right on the Bosnian-Croatian border in the “Vojna Zona” (military zone), where no food supply is guaranteed for hundreds of people in makeshift shelters. Although this should be ensured by governmental organizations, we are currently the only ones on the ground trying to provide a minimal basic supply.

In order to succeed, we are more than ever dependent on your donations. You can either support us with a single or continous donation or become a sponsoring member (online form currently only available in German).

Tausend Dank für eure Unterstützung!

Bank transfer / standing order

Donation account
IBAN: DE50 4306 0967 1076 2640 00
Credit institution: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
Account holder: Ost & Found e.V.
Intended purpose: BLINDSPOT


Find information about donation receipts here.

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