Cold Trap Bosnia Review

At the end of August, Our first group set out on a trip to Bosnian to witness the situation on site and in person. We had prepared ourselves for the fact that the people on the Bosnien borders needed support over the winter. But the actual extent of the human and political failure left many of us speechless. As it turned out, politicians and the media had long downplayed the situation on the Balkan refugee route. It quickly became clear that in order for the people in bosnian borders to survive the cool winter, stable infrastructure would be needed.

Thanks to your donations we were able to set up parts of this infrastructure. By now, we have been in Velika Kladusa for over four months with a team of revolving staff, together with our partner organizations: No Name Kitchen, SOS-Balkanroute, Fresh Response, Border Violence Monitoring Network and many others. With your generous help, we have been able to provide daily support:

● On site, we weld mobile stoves from car rims and distribute them among the people. In addition, we also install fixed stoves where the squads are suitable.

● With our wood program and the help of a local person, we are able to distribute dry firewood to refugees throughout the winter period on a daily basis. With the help of your donations, we have been able to distribute approximately 53 tons of firewood.

● In addition, again only thanks to your generous support, we have sent a total of 7 tons of material donations in the form of warm clothing, sleeping bags, tents, backpacks and much more to Bosnia, which were distributed to the people through our partner NGO “No Name Kitchen”.

All of this was only made possible because of your incredible support and we would like to sincerely thank you for this.

Due to the closure of the Lipa camp, the situation has worsened enormously and we still are in need of your support in order to provide the people with firewood and stoves for the winter.

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